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Trying on my new Three Floor dress for the first time! Worth waiting after for two
weeks, fit me like a glow - feel like a princess in it.

Yum! Dinner date with my boyfriend and our friend that just moved back home
from LA. 

Yet another dinner date with my sister! She is moving to Denmark for two months
this week and I will miss her so much - plus, she takes all the pictures for my blog!

We went to my favorite Italian place in Reykjavík and I had to get my old fave
dish! Wasn't as good as I remembered but still so good.

Summer has officially arrived! We had a couple of amazing days last week where
it was so warm and no clouds! My floral headband came on the perfect time.

Going out of my comfort zone and trying out a new look with vampy lips. Did 
a little photoshoot the other day for something fun and can't wait to show you
the final results.

Out in Reykjavík on a nice sunny day! One of the few days where I did not need
my jacket, was so warm and nice even though my hair is everywhere in the wind.

Pairing a black H&M wrap dress with a metallic belt! Love how this belt makes
everything more chic and expensive. I got this dress for my mom but she did not
like it so she gave it to me, score!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend, mine was super packed with things
like a photoshoot, a birthday party and some extra shifts at work. The weather was super nice as 
well which made it even better but I did not get the chance to shoot any photos so I will start the
week with some Instagram snaps. Finally it seems like the summer has decided to arrive and we
spent some days out in Reykjavík sitting in the sun eating some good food with amazing friends.
Downtown Reykjavík has to be my favorite spot at the moment. It's so alive with amazing shops,
restaurants and people. I am dreaming of purchasing an apartment there this fall and I am crossing
my fingers that we will find a nice one in that area. 

This week is kind of sad for me though. My best friend and sister, who is also the photographer
for the blog is moving to Denmark for two months this week. I will miss her like crazy but don't
worry, I will still take regular outfit photos for you but it just wont be the same without her. We 
spend so much time together so it will definitely be a bit empty. But the good part is that I can 
send her to H&M to shop for me, yay! That's a pretty good upside to the whole thing.



  1. Beautiful photos and delicious food!


  2. How sad about your sister.. But 2 month will be over before you even know ;) xx

  3. love your dress in the first photo, it's amazing! i hope you get to visit your sister while she's away.

  4. Your dinner in the 2nd photo looks absolutely amazing!


  5. oh wow all that food has made me hungry! x



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