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Spent a couple of hours on a sunny day at The Blue Lagoon and got me some
freckles. I love having freckled sun kissed skin during the summer.
If you are ever in Iceland, visiting the Lagoon is a must. I can't seem to think
of a better way to spend a sunny summer day than chilling in the hot lagoon
with a summer drink or ice cream with some of your friends. Plus the color of
the water and the remains of the lava are so gorgeous.
 There is no better feeling than a clean and organized room, clean sheets and
some fresh flowers on a Friday afternoon.
Breakfast in bed! Strawberry yogurt with granola and bananas, my favorite
breakfast aside from banana pancakes. 
Some of my favorite beauty products. Make-up brushes from MAC and Essence
of Beauty, nail polishes from Essie, highlighters from Benefit and NARS ( a must
have to get that summer glow).
Saturday nights outfit. Coral dress and statement necklace by H&M, borrowed
from my sister. I have that dress in black (of course..)
Baking cupcakes for my best friends 22nd birthday party. These pictures were
taken before the cupcakes got a little more adult.

Another great week behind me! Even though I had a issue with lack of inspiration and irritation from
the endless bad weather I still had a lot of fun and relaxing days. My best friend turned 22 so a couple
of us met this weekend to celebrate and we baked her some cupcakes and an explosive balloon cake
(that did not go exactly as planned, but it still was so much fun..). In a little over a month I start at my
summer job and after 9 months of no job or school, I am really excited. I am so excited for summer
that it's all I can really think about - sun, shorts, freckles, the blue lagoon and fun with friends! 

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  1. You are the cutest redhead ever, and I LOVE your fresh white tulips (..roses? I am no flower professional)


    1. aww thank you, you are so sweet! those are roses x

  2. Hi Alexsandra,

    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

    Oh it must be amazing to visit the Lagoon.

    I've never been to Iceland before, but I'd love to go one day.

    Nice and healthy breakfast to go with your nice healthy tan and very cute pink top.

    Keep up the great work.

    Sarah xoxo

    1. thank you sarah! the lagoon is amazing, a must see when you are in iceland x

  3. what a beautiful dress and necklace!

  4. Loveeee your haircolor!


  5. Great pictures! That cupcake looks so delicious :)

    xx, V




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