hello spring

  ASOS skater dress in floral print - buy it here      |     ASOS arrow pendant - buy it here  
ASOS cat eye sunnies - buy them here      |     ZARA buckle heels      |     3.1 PHILLIP LIM mini satchel - here

The title of the post is totally misleading, spring is nowhere near arriving here in Iceland and yesterday
morning when I woke up with sun in my eyes the temperature outside was -5°C. The chilly weather is
the main reason why there is not an outfit post on the blog today as well as I seem to be stuck in a small
rut with my wardrobe. I think everyone goes through this at least once a month, you just don't want to
wear anything in your closet. I am dreaming of sun, warm temperature and the beach and this outfit is
what I want to wear right now with beach waves and freckled skin. 

My parents are going to the UK later this month so I am planning on ordering some stuff from Asos
and Forever 21 to their hotel and send them on a little H&M mission for me. I have been drooling over
this floral dress from Asos for two weeks now and I am just praying that it doesn't sell out in the next
couple of days. The necklace and sunnies are also on my list. This to me, is the perfect outfit for a hot
spring day. If anyone wants to be super nice to me, you can give me this gorgeous mini satchel from
3.1 Phillip Lim. It's my dream bag at the moment but not an option right for for a student with no job.

What's your ideal outfit for a spring day? Do share!



  1. WANT that phillip lim bag and asos dress so bad!

  2. love the floral dress! hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Massive crush for the bag. This color is perfect!!

  4. Greally great set!! I really love the bag!! =D

    Big kiss,

  5. I've also been going through a bad wardrobe block, but I think if you go through some magazines/editorials/blogs, you'll definitely gain some inspiration to reboot your style! Love the outfit you put together above. I do hope you get that dress, it's adorable! :)


  6. wonderful wishlist!


  7. Lovely wishlist, especially sunglasses,;)

  8. Those heels are gorgeous! Yikes, I'm sorry it's still so cold there!



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