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 Outfit of the day! I am obsessed with this basic striped t-shirt from H&M that
I stole from my sister. I paired it with a leather skirt and black tights.

 I tried out a new hairstyle for my friends birthday party and I LOVE it. A low
messy ponytail paired with a bright coral dress from H&M.

Lunch with my boyfriend and sister at my favorite restaurant in my hometown.
They have the best chicken salad (and the best pizza + bernaise sauce when I
am not feeling anything healthy..)

Me and my sister decided to use the sunny day to get off our lazy asses and
walk up a mountain right outside our town. The sun was shining and it was
so refreshing (though I was so sore the next day..)

Taking a relaxing bubble bath after the walk to sooth those sore muscles and
watching my favorite episodes while at it.

 My dad surprised me one evening with this Apple display that I can connect to 
my Macbook Pro. My current obsession, watching episodes while studying or 
cleaning my room. I just had to put a desktop picture of my favorite flower.

I am so excited for spring and summer so I started to plan some of my outfits.
I have a whole book just with outfit ideas (crazy I know.. mostly since almost
everyday I struggle with finding an outfit that I want to wear).

 An outfit from a little over a year ago! Funny seeing the difference between
being able to wear short dresses with bare legs then and now, it's snowing in
April here in Iceland and I am still wearing large fluffy parkas to keep warm.

 Since the first official day of summer is this week I decided to take some of
my thick winter jackets and put them in the back of the closet and take all
of my favorite summer dresses and jackets and hang them neatly up.

Another amazing week behind us! I can't believe my eyes when I look down at my calendar and
I see that April is ending soon and May is arriving. That means that summer is officially on it's
way and I am so excited. I told you guys a couple of days ago that my parents are going to the
UK for a couple of days at the end of this month and time flies since they are going next weekend.
I woke up super excited on Wednesday morning and made a pretty huge order with Asos and 
Forever 21 as well. I am also sending them to find some things over at H&M and Zara for me so
hopefully I will have tons of new goodies so I can shoot some gorgeous summer outfits for you.
Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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P.S. Did you notice the new banner?
 Big thanks to my wonderful dad!



  1. Gorgeous hair . And this leather skirt looks great!!

    1. Thank you Jane! I love that leather skirt, been wearing it like crazy x

  2. I really like your Instagram photos! :) By the way, your banner is very nice!

  3. love your ponytail and that bath looks sooo relaxing.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's such a nice way to pop up an outfit, plus it was only $4 x

  5. All of these photos are so pretty!


  6. Thank you Dana! Your blog is amazing x

  7. Hey Alexsandra,

    That Chicken Salad looks divine lol Typical, I notice the food first haha.

    Adore the blue outfit, you have such a gorgeous pair of pins.

    Keep up the great work sweetie, I love your blog.




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