orange peplum

WANDERLUST BY YLFA GRÖNVOLD top     GOODNIGHT MACAROON skirt (similar one)     ZARA sandals     
EBAY necklaces (buy them here and here)     VIVI CLOTHES bag (similar one)

So this is the last style post in collaboration with Ylfa Grönvold for her amazing peplum collection 
(see the other posts here, here and here). The last piece that I styled was the same peplum top but in
this amazing bold orange color. For the first three stylings I decided to dress the tops up a bit but I
wanted to do something totally different with the last one. Since this color is really bold and most
people have trouble styling pieces like this one, I decided to play with simplicity and basic pieces
that most people have in their wardrobe. I am really happy with the outcome of the project since it
really shows just how versatile this trend is and how you can really play with it and have fun along
with taking risks, which fashion is really all about. I paired the top with a simple black skirt but I
decided to wear one made of leather instead of a matte material then finished the look off with some
simple black sandals (need to find new ones, these are so worn out but can't seem to separate myself
from them) and my favorite black bag along with two gold necklaces (get the wishbone here).

I also realized that this is the last outfit that I will post in a while that was shot in Los Angeles. I am
missing it like crazy and can't wait to go back sometime soon (hopefully) and possibly move there
again one day. The year that we spent there really made me realize just how much more is out there
and has kind of given me the desire to travel more often, since it's an investment that is really worth it.
You bring back so many memories. My goal for 2013 and every year after that is to travel more, and 
more importantly to exotic places that I never thought I could and would ever visit.
What is your goal for 2013?




  1. I love this outfit, love the orange peplum top!

    In 2013, I am aiming to be the best at Uni. Also, hopefully my blog will grow :)

    lots of love

  2. what a fun collaboration. i like this cute laid back look. loving the sandals.

    http://www.lovefromberlin.net/ xx rae

  3. You look amazing!! Great combination of the skirt with the top :)

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  4. You're 100% right-- travel is definitely an investment that is totally worth it! Love the orange peplum on you!

    xx, Jess


  5. þú og þessar peplum bolir !

  6. The orange looks so good on you!

    xo Jennifer


  7. mér finnst þessi litur flottastur! <3


  8. love your sleek up-do! Your hair color goes great with the orange top. I want to do everything I love this New Year.

    With Love,

    Marianne Y

    fashion & beauty blog: www.BellaMariella.com

  9. amazing post, super cute!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  10. LOVE your blog and those skirt is amazing

    do you want to follow each other ? :) x

  11. I REALLY like how you look super cute and chic


  12. Gorgeous look! Orange is super flattering on you :)




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