christmas wishes

#1: The iPhone 5.    #2: Philosophy Candy Cane Body Scrub - love this too.     
#3: Michael Kors Watch in silver.      #4: Snowflake Sweater - similar one here.
#5: Iittala clear vase - perfect under pastel flowers.   #6: Diptyque Scented Candles.

Yay, I am so excited that December has arrived. This is one of my favorite months and this year it will
be extra special since there is so much going on. First of all, my boyfriend is graduating from school on
December 21st and I am so proud of him. Being able to move to LA to make his dream come true has 
been amazing. The day after he graduates we have a flight home to Iceland and we will arrive early on
December 23rd in snowy (oh, I hope) Iceland. The day after, Christmas! It's by far my favorite holiday 
and this year it will be so much fun since I am meeting my family again after being away for almost five
months. I simply can't wait to spend time with everyone again and enjoying the holidays together.

I love getting presents like everyone else but what is my favorite thing about Christmas? The food 
and of course spending time with the whole family, but the food, oh my. I had such a hard time to put 
together my Christmas list, I feel that I really don't need anything right now, but after a lot of thinking
and browsing I have some things on my list. I actually have a lit of items for the home on my list this
year and I think that it is because we are looking at apartments in downtown Reykjavík and I am so
excited to make our future home cozy and beautiful. I kind of can't decide what my favorite thing is
on the list but I was super excited about the Candy Cane body scrub from Philosophy so I just ordered
a set with the scrub, bubble bath and a lip gloss - you gan order the set for yourself here.
What is on your Christmas list this year?

P.S. I just updated "My Wishlist" which is located on the sidebar of
the blog. It includes some of my current wishes and it's also a great
gift guide for Christmas. You can click on the photos to make your
purchase, happy shopping x



  1. awesome wishlist!


    ps. we are having a wonderful Kenzaa give-away!

  2. I want iphone 5 too ;)


  3. lovely watch!

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  5. i also would love to receive a diptyque candle (or two!!)
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  6. Amazing list! I'm in love with a Michael Kors watch too!


  7. I hope you get all your wishes!

    xo Jennifer


  8. Great great post dear, you have a wonderful blog :)
    Maybe you like to follow each other?
    Love, Anna


  9. It seems that everyone has that candle on their wishlist!! I may just have to find one online!

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  10. Great picks! It's always hard buying gifts for people. I'm your newest follower. x

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  11. Great wishlist! Loving everything! xo

  12. Love the list! I want a michael kors watch also, except in gold. They are amazing.
    Your blog seems great I just found it and have started following you!


  13. Cute logo sweater!


  14. Great update. Great pieces.




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