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One of my favorite outfits, adding a little fall into our cold summer {Hat: Asos}

This coat has to be one of my favorite ones, got it from Asos last fall and it works with so many pieces.

New top from one of my favourite stores, River Island. Love the colors and mixed prints! {Top: River Island, similar one}

An outtake from one of my recent outfits - wearing something comfortable on my day off! 

I finally finished our bedroom by adding a drawer in the corner, will show you more if it soon.

New stunning heels to brighten up a rainy day {Heels: Asos}

In the same package as the heels was this cute feather bag from River Island - adding some colour to my wardrobe! {Bag: River Island}

Such a cute pairing, this top and bag! Using some colours on a sunny Sunday! {Bag: River Island, Heels: Asos, Shorts: Asos}

Hér eru nokkra myndir frá liðinni viku - það er nú meira hvað sumarið er fljótt að líða, en ég er
samt mjög spennt fyrir haustinu og komandi tímum! Skólinn fer að byrja svo ætla ég að flýja í
sólina í tvær vikur - ljúft. En til að fá fleiri myndir frá mér þá er ykkur alltaf velkomið að finna
mig á Instagram undir @alexsandrab x

Here are some pictures from the last week - the summer goes by so quickly but I am so excited
for the fall, school starts soon and I am going on a two week vacation - will be so sweet. But to
see more pictures of my everyday life, you can find me on Instagram under @alexsandrab x



  1. Fantastic shoes and River Island top!


  2. Oooh, just found your blog—I love your hair, and your style is fantastic!!

    Blonde in this City

  3. You're definitely ready for Fall with that kickass hat! :)


  4. This coat and hat are great. love this style :)




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