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 One of my favorite things to do is visit Ikea! I love that store and I always find 
something cute to take home with me. On my most recent trip I picked up these
cute glasses for the summer as well as some other goodies (hint: the vase and
white hydrangea in the background).

Working on the three part style posts featuring the peach jacket. I had so much
fun shooting these and planning the outfits, see the first one here, the second 
one here and the last one (which is also my favorite) here.

 I am not lying when I say that I am a shopaholic. Here are some pieces that I
ordered from ASOS and Forever 21 as well as some Zara and H&M goodies 
from my mom. 

Among the goodies was this gorgeous green printed bikini that I blogged about
here. I can't wait until the sun comes out so I can use them.

 I love small and dainty jewelry so this arrow necklace from ASOS immediately
caught my eye when browsing online. I knew I had to get it and I do not regret
it. You can get your's here.

It's that time of year again, finals! I graduated over a year ago but I took one
class this semester to get ready for college this fall.

 New jacket for the summer from 66° North. I have two parkas from them (this
one in black and this one in shiny red) and I love them both but they are way
to heavy for the summer so this one is perfect and I love that it's quilted.
You can buy it here!

Me + my photographer (and sister..) at a outfit shoot at a gorgeous location!
You will see the results in the next post this Friday.

 Beautiful summer pieces at Zara! I have such a hard time going to that store 
since I want every single item in that store! I fell in love with this dress..

 .. and it may have followed me home! I decided not to get it at
first but then I went to grab some dinner and could not get it
out of my mind so I ran just before the store closed! It is so
pretty and I can't wait to wear it with some heels and slicked
back hair this summer.

I also got this gorgeous one piece nightwear! I love these things and I am a 
sucker for cute PJ's. Even though these are not that comfy to sleep in it was
just too cute to leave without. I love the print and the lace details. I got it
at Lindex and got a new belt there as well, don't know why I never go
there more often, they have really cute stuff.

Love starting my mornings off with a nice breakfast. This is my favorite at the
moment, banana pancakes with coconut flakes and fresh fruit. The pancakes
are so easy to make, you just mash one banana and add one egg and mix. Then
you put it on a medium heated pan until they get that golden color. 

I guess you can say that my Instagram feed this week was filled with a lot of new goodies. First of all,
my parents came home from Glasgow with a whole bunch of new clothes and shoes for me. Second,
I found the jacket that I have been craving for some weeks and I just had to get that (on sale, score!)
and last but not least, I went shopping with my sister! We are both serious shopaholics so when we
go together, it can be dangerous! But, I love all the new pieces I got and can't wait to start planning
outfits and shooting some for you this summer. 

I also wanted to remind you that the giveaway closes on Friday! You can see more info about
it here but the only thing you need to do to enter is to like me on Facebook and comment on 
the post how you would style the bag, pretty simple right?!



  1. SUper cute insta diary !

  2. Great photos, I love using Instagram app!!


    1. Thank you! Me too, I am obsessed with it x

  3. I'm also a huge Ikea-fan and I love the summery items! Especially the nightwear and the dress from Zara :)
    xo, Ceyda


  4. That nightie is so cute!

    xo Jennifer




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