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Started the week off by going to a cozy cabin in the country with
some friends! We had a bbq, relaxed in the hot tub and..

 .. played tourists for the day! One of my favorite places to visit in Iceland
are Gullfoss & Geysir. Here is me and my sister in matching parkas at
Geysir (my all time favorite tourist place is Jökulsárlón..)

 New colors for the summer from Essie! Got these off eBay since they 
don't sell Essie in Iceland. From R to L: A Crewed Interest, Van D'go, 
Sand Tropez and Tart Deco.

Planning some of my summer outfits when it's raining outside, typical!
Can't wait to show you guys some of my new stuff.

My favorite summer piece from Asos. It's the perfect floral dress, it's bright,
loose and cheap! You can get yours here.

 My guilty pleasure after a morning shift at work and a power walk. I love
gossip magazines, but never buy them for myself since they are way to
expensive here at home.

Outfit of the night! My little sister turned seven yesterday so I wore
this comfy look for a little dinner and dessert afterwards. Knit is by
Miamasvin and skirt by Forever 21.

I wish I had an outfit post for you guys but the weather did not allow me to shoot anything this
weekend. It was finally sunny yesterday but of course I had to work but I am crossing my fingers
that tomorrow it will be sunny since I have the day off. I am planning on going to do some shoe
shopping today with my sister. I need some new running shoes and I have been eying some pink
and grey Nike Free Runs for a while and I have to have them! 

I also may have spoiled myself a little bit the other day and bought myself the most gorgeous
dress I have ever seen. I have been wanting it for a while but it's a little pricey so I just tried
to ignore it but that did not last long. Can't wait to show it to you! Until then you can follow
me on Instagram - @alexsandrab.

P.S. I wanted to remind you guys that you can follow me on Facebook here,
Twitter here and I am also on Tumblr here.



  1. Lovely Instagram diary! That dress from Asos looks gorgeous!


    1. Thank you, it's amazing! You should check it out here:


  2. It really looks like a cozy place! (But also cold!) I can understand that the weather is absolutely not inviting for taking outfit pictures :D
    Can't wait to see new outfit pictures 'cause the pieces and the nail polishes look so lovely!
    Just like your outfit on your sister's birthday.

    Greetings&Love, Ceyda <3

  3. I have a weakness for celeb gossip too lol

    xo Jennifer


  4. Thank you! I'll check it out x



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