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  Finally done with finals! After my test I went hiking with my sister at our
local spot and..

  .. we then relaxed at the Blue Lagoon in the sun, the weather was unbelievable
that day!

  A new favorite! My mom gave me this and it seriously smells so good that I
kind of want to eat it.

  A throwback from last May! I love love love this post featuring this gorgeous
Zara fringed dress, the pictures were taken at Loyola Marymount University
in LA.

 Went shopping for a birthday gift for my dad at GK Reykjavík and saw this
amazing Alexander McQueen dress! I have been thinking about it ever since..

  Wish that every single day was this beautiful!

 |Working as a stylist backstage at a fashion show! How gorgeous are those
Zara shoes?! Clothes are by Free Bird.

  Love getting beautiful things in the mail! I was craving a pair of white and 
coral lace triangle bras and got these off eBay for $5 each, they are amazing..

 What makes my job really hard! I want everything..

Hi everyone.. I am alive after going MIA for the weekend both here and on Instagram! This week
was my last week before starting at my summer job so I wanted to take some time to just have fun
and relax a little bit. I also worked at a fashion show here in my hometown and so much fun doing
that. As you can also see I got some cute stuff in the mail like the lace bras that are a favorite of mine
at the moment. I bought one in black at Urban Outfitters last year and I love it so I wanted to get more
colors. I ended up ordering some from eBay since they were cheaper and I actually think that they are
much better than the one from Urban. I got it in a coral and white color, perfect for the summer. 

For the whole year I have not been working so I have had a lot of free time to work on the blog
and do shoots but now for the summer I am juggling both the blog and my new job so it will be
a bit more difficult but I will of course do my very best. I guess it's good practice for the fall when
I start at university and that will take a lot of my free time! But I have some fun summer outfits
planned for you, will do a shoot at the end of the week and I am super excited!

P.S. You can follow me on Instagram under @alexsandrab.



  1. Your relaxing day looks perfect!
    How did you get the job as stylist for
    the fashion show :)? The job sounds very
    I like your triangle bras, they look so girly
    and cute!

    Love, Ceyda <3

    1. Thank you! My aunt was working at the fashion show so she asked me to help around :)

  2. Very cool pics:-) if you have a second please visit my blog to check my new post xoxo


  3. Lovely pics, as always !

  4. The water look soo amazing!


  5. hi, great pics! Can you give me the link to this triangle bras on E bay pls! Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Of course, I got them from here:


  6. I love all your pretty and nice photos :-)
    I'm on instagram too @piera_anastasia
    Anyway, you have such a lovely blog! I have a blog too :-) If you want to have a look at it, it would be
    really great :-)
    Kisses from Italy

  7. Love the pictures, it looks like you were having a great time in the blue lagoon, after your exams are over! Love you to check out my blog xx



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