a place of my own

It's very important to be to have a simple and well arranged desk. This is where I study and blog (well, sometimes I 
take the computer to bed and blog there..) I got this lamp as a Christmas gift from my parents and I also have another
one waiting in it's box until I move out. I love buying fresh flowers since it just makes the whole room more pretty plus
it smells so amazing and reminds me that spring is not far away. 

 My favorite flowers are white roses but I also love tulips, lilies as well as peonies and hydrangeas even
though they are not sold here in Iceland. The candle is a recent buy from Voluspa and it smells so good.
The scent is called "Truffle White Cocoa" and the nail polish is "Leading Lady" by Essie.

I love having my favorite everyday jewelry on my desk where I can grab it when I go out. I have another jewelry tree 
where I store some pieces that I don't use everyday. My newest addition to this tree is the silver statement necklace.

I love having coffee table books stored on my desk since it just looks so pretty and does a lot for the room. I only have
four at the moment but I am always adding to my collection when I get the chance. I am currently craving "Beauty" by
Lauren Conrad.

 This lamp is from Kartell as well as the one on my desk. I have always been really into this design and I got this one as a
graduation present from my mom and stepdad. It's such a statement piece and one that I really treasure and always will.
It stands on my nightstand with some pictures, a candle and some fresh flowers.

 I seriously have the smallest closet ever here at home. I have to fold about 80% of my dresses (horrible, I know..) and I 
am dying over a large wardrobe where I can hang everything up and have much more room than I do now. I just recently
switched out all my hangers for these white ones from Ikea. 

 Even though I still don't have my own apartment yet I love purchasing things for the home. I recently picked up this
tray (as well as another one in white..) at Söstrene Grone the other day and I love storing some of my favorite beauty
products on them. Here are some of my favorite highlighters from NARS and Benefit, some Essie nail polishes and
my daily must have make-up brushes.

My favorite brushes that I use every day. The foundation and concealer brushes are from "Essence of Beauty" and I got
them at CVS in Los Angeles. The other three are from MAC. First there is the "130" duo fibre brush, then I have the "150"
Large Powder brush and last but not least there is my newest brush, "109" which is a small contour brush.

Over a year ago I shared with you some pictures of my room (see the post here). There I talked about
how much I love interior design and creating a nice space of my own. The room was so not done at
that time, there were so many features that I was not happy with but finally I can say that I am pretty
satisfied with my bedroom. Since I still live at home I think it's really important that I have a place of
my own where I can express my style and have fun with it. My style is very simple as you can see.
I want to have everything in very simple colors (mostly white and black) and I don't want to overdo
anything. To me, less is more and that really shows in my outfits and in my interior styling.

I am planning on moving out at the end of summer or beginning of fall since I will be attending
University in Reykjavík (about 40 minutes away from my hometown..) and I am more than ready
to start a new life in a new apartment with my boyfriend. We had so much fun living together in
Los Angeles and I am so excited to do that again. I will really miss living at home with my family
since it really is the best but it's also so exciting to start standing on your own two feet. Another 
thing that is really exciting is that I get to decorate the place just like I want to. I seriously can't
wait to show you guys when it's all ready.

What is your favorite item in my bedroom?



  1. I have the same book - LA candy.. Love your toilet table.. :*

  2. I love tables arranged like this. Everything seems so light and high-fashion. ;)


  3. Your bedroom is so cute! :) It looks very cosy and comfortable. I love it!

  4. Lamparnir klárlega :) Splæsi í þennan stóra þegar ég hætti að vera fátækur námsmaður það er alveg bókað!

  5. I love that lamp! You have great style! Very simple and chic!


  6. love this! so jealous of your bedroom!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  7. your room is so stylish and neat! I wish mine was like that. love this


  8. Ótrúlega fallegt herbergi :)

  9. I really like everything about this post

  10. Your room is fabulous! I love how clean and white it is!!

    With Love From, B

    P.S. I'm your newest follower!

  11. Langskemmtilegasta blogg sem að komið hefur frá þér. Frábært hvernig þú setur það upp og bara allt! Það er ekki bara um hvað þú ert að skrifa, heldur hvernig þú skrifar það... ef að það meikar sens :)

    Kær kveðja!

    1. hæ! vá æðislegt, takk kærlega fyir þetta yndislega comment :) gleður mig mjög að allir séu ánægðir með það þar sem ég er búin að vinna lengi í þessu!




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