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So, as I have mentioned in my previous posts we are in the middle of moving from Los Angeles to
Iceland. When going through my closet and packing I realized how many clothes I have that I don't
use and since my closet back home is really small, it was the perfect opportunity to open up an online
store. All of the items are fairly new, in mint condition and they all need a new loving home.

I ship worldwide, so click here to check it out and if you have any questions about a particular
item, want to negotiate a price or anything that comes to mind, feel free to send me an email.



  1. Hola preciosa !!
    Me encantan los looksla combinación es perfecta.
    Un besazo

  2. These are the Stunning outfits! love all the shade of style. You look Great in all of them, love to have 1st and last one. thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Los Angeles to Iceland--what a huge leap! I just came across your blog and its absolutely lovely!



  4. Lovely post :)I really like it! I just followed you :)
    would you like to follow me back via bloglovin and gfc?
    Have a nice week!

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  5. Hey,
    do you wanna share why your going back to Iceland / why you moved to L.A. in the first place,... I'm a world traveller with all my heart and I'm so interested in other peoples reasons to travel.

    1. Hi Katrina!

      Of course. I moved to LA last January because my boyfriend found a school that he wanted to go and learn to be a Audio Engineer. Since I graduated last December it was the perfect opportunity for us to move together since I wanted a little break from school and working to explore the world and travel. He is graduating now on Friday and we are moving on Saturday to Iceland. The reason we are moving is because I am going to college there next fall and our visas run out at the end of this year. We want to spend our Christmas at home with our families so we decided to move right after graduation. So the next year will be spent in Iceland so I can go to college and he can go work in the field that he was studying.

      Happy holidays x

    2. thanks for sharing, it's really impressive that you moved with him to L.A., I'm sure you had a lot of second thoughts at first! All the best for college and happy holidays. keep up the great work!!

  6. I'll have a look asap! Also, moving from LA to Iceland, must be a maaaaassive change!

  7. Vad har du för dröm ? :)




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