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These last couple of days I have been feeling very uninspired and lazy so I haven't been updating
the blog as much as I would have wanted to. Sometimes you just need to take a break from things,
even though it is thing that you love to do. All I can do is dream about LA, the heat and spending my
time with my boyfriend. Miss him so much. Tomorrow I am going to a family brunch so I will show
you some outfit photos really soon. I am also going to be doing a little Q&A since I always get some
questions and just want to let you guys get to know me a little better. So if you have any questions do
not be shy to comment below the posts or send me a email. Hope you all have an amazing weekend x.

PS. Don't be shy to comment, I am getting so many visits each day but people don't really 
comment. Much more fun to see who is reading and what you think x.



  1. ég eeeelska boggið þitt! :D

    1. takk fyrir það, svo gaman að heyra :)

  2. Var einmitt að uppgötva bloggið þitt og ég hef mjöög gaman af því!:-)

  3. I know those uninspiring days ... a week ago my last two weeks were so uninspired

  4. i love the converse shoes **
    http://zzworldinmyhandszz.blogspot.pt/ follow please :)

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