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1. My new lamp that I got for graduation.. it's so pretty.
2. Christmas food, seriously the best thing in the world.
3. All packed for a very long vacation to Los Angeles.
4. I love Italian food. Ravioli is the best thing I know.
5. Daily Starbucks fix with my new Ray-Ban Wayfarers.
6. New camera finally! Love the vintage look of the G12.
7. Red Velvet cupcake from Crumbs and a glass of milk.
8. My dream bag from Céline. If I start saving now I might
be able to buy it when I am 90 years old.
9. Laying in the sun with a bag of Skittles in the morning.
10. Love this dress from DKNY that belongs to my mother.

If you think Facebook is addicting, then you obviously haven't tried Instagram out. I am
obsessed with it. You can follow me, just search for @alexsandrag.


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  1. Hahah that's exactly how i feel about the Celine bag :)




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